Elevating the Voices of People Living with Hepatitis B

Early testing and proactive health monitoring is key for hepatitis B (HBV) patients. In our video series, we speak to four such individuals who took charge of their health to live happy and meaningful lives - showing that a diagnosis isn't the end of the story.

The videos were produced with support from BBC StoryWorks, Coalition to Eradicate Viral Hepatitis in Asia Pacific (CEVHAP) and World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA).

Fighting Hepatitis B with Knowledge and Action

Watch how four individuals in Asia have become forces of change in the lives of people living with hepatitis B and how they have forged strong communities of support.

Mr. Lai (Hong Kong)

Mr. Lai discovered that he had hepatitis B during a chance screening while working overseas. Three decades later, he is committed to educating others about the virus.

Mr. Min (South Korea)

Mr. Min found himself lacking the knowledge to tackle his diagnosis of hepatitis B and liver cancer. Learn how he took charge of his health and helped others with the same challenges.

Mr. Ho (Taiwan)

Mr. Ho is a liver transplant recipient who had experienced firsthand the burden one feels when he was first diagnosed with hepatitis B and liver failure. Watch how he strives to be a pillar of support for others.

Mr. Chua (Singapore)

Mr. Chua is a four-time liver cancer survivor who has proactively sought early treatment each time.